Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring Break

  Because of our busy schedules this year...
we decided to stay home for Spring Break.
 But luckily, Grandma Heelis was still able to spend it with us!
And of course she spoiled us all, once again!
Grandma, Brittney, and Merinda showing off their mani-pedies.
Breck, Merinda, and Breck's good friend Kirsten, took a canoe ride down Elkhorn Creek to do some fishing.
 They then planned on having a weenie and s'more roast,
 but due to high winds, they weren't allowed to build a fire, so Brad cooked the hotdogs and s'mores on his Tregor.
Which was fine with us because those s'mores were the best we've ever had!
The only bad part about staying home for Spring Break is the fact that you don't really take a break from anything, especially yard work!
  And since moving into our new home, we have an abundance of yard work to do.
We were just grateful mom was there to guide us with her green thumb and landscaping abilities.
 And then of course, there was family game night, which you can tell by everyone's expressions, is pretty much the epitome of fun and excitement!
 One of our favorite things to do when mom visits is take her to new and different restaurants.
 This time we tried Cuban food, and it did not disappoint, or maybe it was just the company we enjoyed so much! Thanks for everything mom - we sure love you and can't wait to see you again soon (in about a month to be exact)!

Brittney's Homecoming

With Brittney back from her Mission to El Salvador, and Aubrey home for the summer...
all my girls were finally back together again!
It was also wonderful having Grandma Heelis come to visit and stay through Spring Break.
Good friends John, Christen, and Archibald Page came for Brittney's homecoming service.
Merinda showing Brittney her cake-making skills. Unfortunately Brittney did not feel well enough to eat the cake.
 Our good friends, the Wrights, also came from Nashville to listen to Brittney's homecoming address.
Brittney had fun catching up with their boys, Jared and Tyler.
 And I had fun watching Tyler give Breck back some of his own medicine.
 When Brittney felt well enough, she made her favorite food for us from El Salvador...
 She then taught each of us how to make them.
 But you could tell which ones were made by Brittney, and which ones were made by the rest of us.
Grandma Virginia and Grandpa Manwaring also helped out...
in more ways than one (Virginia's amazing cinnamon rolls).
 Unfortunately, Brittney was unable to eat her precious Pupusa's due to her bad stomach. One day when Brittney is finally feeling better, we will all eat Pupusa's again together, and it will be a joyous day!

Monday, April 13, 2015

March Snow?!!!

I didn't think "in like a lion, out like a lamb"... 
 meant 20 plus inches of snow,
 record breaking sub-zero temperatures,
and crazy flooding!
Goodbye March weather!!!