Sunday, February 15, 2009

Pictures from Scott

Youth Valentine's dance (Our Ward's youth--Yes, the girls severely outnumber the boys!)
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Valentine's Day 2009

Two Dozen beautiful roses from my Valentine...thank you Brad!!!

Brad and I also celebrated by eating at Red Robin for old-time sake, and then snuck in (before Brittney spotted us) for the last dance at the youth Valentine's Bi-Stake dance.

Frozen in Kentucky

We received several inches of snow and ice that paralyzed Kentucky for over a week. The ice created power outages throughout Kentucky.

Merinda enjoying her days off (almost two weeks worth) shoveling snow and ice.

Ice-covered branches made everything look like a winter wonderland!

Layers of ice and snow damaged the vegetation.

We were blessed to keep our power, but decided to purchase a propane heater for the next storm...when we're not so lucky!