Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Fall Break

 We were able to do something fun as a family, at least one of our days off, during Fall Break.
 And we were lucky enough to talk the Holts into coming with us.
 We took advantage of the beautiful fall weather and floated down the Little Miami River in Morrow, Ohio. 
 Brad and Merinda shared a canoe,

 I paddled down the river in a luxury reclining kayak, 

 Austin chose a regular kayak,
and Rex and Veronica also shared a canoe.
 Austin skipping rocks (and doing it quite well, I might add).
 Merinda and Brad might look miserable, but in reality these are expressions of truly relaxed people. 

 Enjoying our picnic lunch on the banks of the river.
 No outing with the Holts would be official without a Frisbee involved. Unfortunately we didn't get any pictures of Rex and Austin throwing the Frisbee between their canoe and kayak, when Austin's kayak tipped over, and Rex had to drag it onto his and Veronica's canoe, upside down, do to get all the water out of it, which in turn soaked everything in their canoe (He, He). 
 After such a workout, we just had to stop at 12 Degrees for Brad's favorite treat - Italian Ice!
 While eating Italian Ice, we worked up an appetite for Dewey's Pizza!  

 Since Dewy's Pizza was on the Levy at Newport, 
we spent the rest of the evening walking the pedestrian bridge connecting Kentucky and Ohio,

and watching the sun set over the river.

 Group selfie on the bridge.
The bridge even had a hopscotch,
  and painted piano keyboard where you could learn how to play "Chopsticks".

  Watching the boats go by.

Another group selfie.

Beautiful flowers along the bridge and river paths. 
Other side of the bridge, 
and back view of Proctor & Gamble headquarters.
   View of downtown Cincinnati at dusk.
 Stadium and waterfront on the Ohio side.

Amazing sunset...

 I think our next adventure on the Ohio river ...
should be a paddle boat cruise!
 I just couldn't get enough pictures of that sunset!


 Rex and Veronica enjoying some much needed time off together!
 Brad pretending he is 16 again by attempting to jump a cement wall. What I didn't capture was him not quite making it, and falling backwards on his buttocks ;) 
 The city and park at night.
 More downtown Cincinnati and river front at night.
Ohio River, city lights, and small crescent moon.
Panorama view from the bridge.
Walking back to our car after the perfect day.
The icing on the cake was bumping into our long lost friend Tim Zwygart (who actually moved to Utah with his family, but just happened to be visiting for work, and just happened to be walking the bridge at night the same time as us). I love that it's such a small world!!