Friday, August 13, 2010

Fishing in the Canadian Wilderness

Grandpa Manwaring, Brad, and Breck had a wonderful time staying and spending time with the Gulbransons', celebrating the 24th of July (which Breck has never done before) with old friends, visiting at church, and going on a three-day fishing exertion. All of this took place approx. ten hours north of  Vancouver, Canada, in Vanderhoof, British Columbia (where Brad grew up).
For the most part, the fishing part of the trip was a big success, with the guys catching their daily limit (well, almost) of Rainbow Trout.
Breck was thrilled  to learn how to put (and keep) a worm on a hook, and gut a fish (the expression on his face says it all).
Everything was going great until I get a phone call at home, with very poor reception, from Brad who said they had taken a wrong turn and were lost, with the truck high-centered in a mud pit.
I called the entire Manwaring family trying to get a hold of someone, while the guys spent three hours trying to dig themselves out.
Brad and Breck then walked six miles to the main road in order to hopefully be rescued (which they were - Thankfully).
After the whole ordeal was over, and with nighttime quickly approaching, Grandpa Manwaring had just a few words to say. . ."Now let's go fishing!"
(Again, I think Breck's expression says it all!)
The last few days of their trip, Brad, Breck, and Grandpa, drove through Ferndale, Washington (where Brad lived as a teenager), Bellingham, Washington (where Brad & I lived and Brittney was born), and drove on beautiful Chuckanut Drive (sp?) along the Washington coast, before spending a day in Seattle (In this picture Breck is viewing the city from top of the Space Needle). 
On the way to and from Canada, Brad and Breck had the opportunity to visit with family and friends. Aunt Vicki took good care of everyone while at their home in Olympia, Washington, and while spending time in the Seattle area. Breck enjoyed shopping, going to the movies, and getting to know his cousins Dallin, Alyssa, and Blakely (who was visiting from Idaho) a little better.

Male Bonding in Canada

Brad, Breck, and Grandpa Manwaring spent an adventurous ten days together in British Columbia, Canada. Here Grandpa and Breck are standing in front of an old cabin used during the gold rush.
In this picture Breck is bailing hey with the Gulbranson family on their 6,000 acre farm. It was good for Breck to see the meaning of real work!
Breck even got the opportunity to go horse-back-riding for the first time in his life. . .
while viewing the beautiful Canadian country-side!
Other highlights included spending time in the Gulbranson's trophy room,
and flying in their single-engine Cessna!
Breck as the co-pilot (good thing I didn't know about this until after the fact).
View from out Breck's window.