Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Air Force Marathon

This past weekend we ran the Air Force half marathon in Dayton, Ohio. This was our second year running the race but this time we recruited Brad's brother Blake (this would be Blake's first half marathon), and his wife Josie.
Unlike last year, we were relieved to walk to the start line (instead of sprint), and thankful to be able to use the porta-potty before the race instead of in the middle of it.
I am glad I brought my camera before the race so that we could get some "happy" shots as a reminder that running half marathons are fun!
After the race, we were a little worse for wear (especially taking into account Blake's hip injury, and Josie's bad head-cold), but still willing to smile for picture sake. . .
But one post-race picture is enough!
I was then forced to take pictures of other poor unsuspecting runners. My favorite was this gentleman who epitomized how we all felt, however, he was lucky enough to find the only post-race shade in existence, under this large transport airplane (a sight you will never see at any other marathon!).
That evening, Brad made us all model our race t-shirts just so he had proof that he "ran the race, got the t-shirt, and can mark it off the list!"
The kids had a great time visiting with their Aunt and Uncle. . .
but were really sad when they had to say goodbye Sunday morning. Brittney commented, "Why can't we live closer to family?" I had no answer - I often wish for that too, especially when we all have such a good time when we're together (in sickness or health; craziness or saneness). Hopefully, someday . . .

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fall Happenings

We spent a wonderful weekend with the Wright family (Deb, Les, Jared, and Tyler), who came up to visit us Labor Day weekend. The highlight: a BBQ at Kincaid Lake, in Central KY.

The kids had fun throwing rocks and logs into the lake (something you never grow out of).
Brittney trying to keep from getting hypothermia, after all, its was in the upper sixties! (In her defense, we were all a little chilly since our bodies had been used to upper nineties, which was pretty much the temperature ALL SUMMER LONG!)
Fall would not be Fall without Football! However, instead of watching the team play, we go to watch the Band play!
 And more particularly, Aubrey, who plays the flute in the marching and concert bands.
On this night, however, it was Eighth Grade Night. The eighth-graders were invited to play (but not march) with the High School band. Here is a picture of Breck and Ashton (a friend from church), playing their saxophones.
Here is another picture of the eighth-graders (gray t-shirts) playing with the High-Schoolers.
Every time I tried to take Breck's picture, he would look away or put his instrument in front of his face.
I asked Breck if he had fun playing at a High School game for the first time. He said, "No, it was really boring." . . .the zoom on my camera says otherwise!
Merinda and Brad enjoying the game.
The other reason I love Fall so much - Seminary (early morning scripture-study class). This represents about 3/4 of my class. In case you couldn't tell, we meet in a science class at the High School. I love my students - they're the best!

Kid's Birthdays. . .

Breck enjoying his non-traditional birthday cake (banana pudding dessert) on his 13th birthday.You can tell it is still summer because of Breck's summer haircut, and poison ivy all over his face.
Breck reading about the Canadian fishing trip and adventure he will soon take with his dad and grandpa.
Next in line was Brittney who turned 17 this year. She too enjoyed her non-traditional cake of pistachio pudding dessert.
Brittney's main gift was contact lenses. Here she is previewing what she will look like once she starts wearing them.
Merinda's birthday comes next, around Labor Day weekend. She turned 9 years old! Her obsession: the latest Percy Jackson books. Favorite gift: her cousin Rachelle's hand-me-downs (from Justice no less!).
Merinda wanted a more traditional cake with just a simple request that it's theme be Percy Jackson and the Olympians! She didn't seem to mind too much that Percy wore camouflage with a beret, or that Annabeth had black hair and glasses. Ms. Dodds, Hades, and Minotaur were closer to their true selves, but I made name tags for all the characters just in case.
Last but not least was Aubrey's 15th birthday. She didn't request any particular cake, so I made her a funfetti, silly-band  cake (with real silly-bands).
Aubrey modeling her new comfy reading chair. . .
And sapphire, diamond, and gold necklace she received from her Grandpa Manwaring.