Monday, January 5, 2015

Happy New Year!!!

New Year's Eve

We had a great time celebrating New Year's Eve with the Holt family.
After gorging ourselves on the Holt's amazing fajitas, 
 We spent the rest of the evening playing games. Here we are strategically conspiring with our partners. 
 I am not sure why Aubrey is looking at me so suspiciously, I am not the one wearing a coat, scarf, and hat inside!!! 
 Snacking on our favorite popcorn just because it is there.
Sometimes I think Breck's main goal in life is to get reactions out of Aubrey.
But wait, is that a smile? It must be working... 
 Rex and Austin filling our champagne glasses (paper cups),
 just as the ball drops (no Ryan Seacrest, or anyone recognizable for that matter, on dumb Hulu),
 to toast in the new year with our sparking cider.
 Aubrey trying to take her toast seriously.
 Who cares what Brad is pointing at - it's Hulu! Why so suspicious Veronica? I guess she isn't used to so many pictures (unless she is taking them).
 Rex, Christina, and Austin trying to figure out what is so funny (sorry, it's not "Studio C").

Aubrey's last night in Kentucky

 When it comes down to good old friends and an intense game of "Ticket to Ride"...
 Aubrey is all smiles! And this is Brad's passive aggressive way of "looking at the camera!" 
Somehow both of us eeked out smiles despite the fact that we only got two hours of sleep, Aubrey was leaving for another 3 1/2 months, and her plane was delayed by 4 hours. But the important fact remains - I did an awesome job dying her hair! 
Happy New Year Everyone!!! 

Christmas in Kentucky

Lexington Kentucky Philharmonic

Brad and I wanted to celebrate the season with Handel's Messiah this year so we watched a performance by the Lexington Philharmonic's Chamber Orchestra with some amazing guest soloist. 

Brad's birthday cake - better late than never! 

Brad's birthday falls on a very busy time of year so Merinda finally made his cake (she makes them the best) two weeks late. So I guess by then it was too late to be considered a "birthday cake".

Manwaring Center Rexburg Idaho

Right before coming home for Christmas, Aubrey runs into the school bookstore, soaking wet from the snow, and bumps right into our good friends from Washington State, Roger and Leanne. Love this small world!!!

Popcorn and snack mix - best idea ever!

In the interest of time, I made holiday popcorn and snack mix this year to give our friends and neighbors. We might need to make this a regular tradition.

First Christmas in our new home...

Speaking of traditions - our annual Christmas Eve candle light ham dinner. 
 Girl bonding with a movie and popcorn, on my bed :/  (only because it was Christmas Eve!)

Christmas Day 2014

 Christmas morning - our traditional walk down the stairs when the music starts. Aubrey is looking pretty thrilled.
 Since Aubrey was the oldest child home, it was her job to pass out gifts from under the Christmas tree (Aubrey can still hardly contain her excitement).
Good thing Breck is a morning person, and not afraid to show his enthusiasm over the latest game, compliments of Merinda.
 This is the only time all year I let my living room get this messy - but it's for a good cause. 
Me enjoying my gifts,
 and the kids modeling theirs: custom-made bags from Grandma Virginia,
 Breck's good-lookin hoodie from Aubrey,
 and Aubrey's comfy infinity scarf from Breck.
 Everyone loved their gifts and expressed thanks with hugs all around ( that Aubrey actually smiling in the background?).

 The traditional Christmas morning breakfast of cinnamon rolls and eggnog.  
  But my favorite part of the day was Skyping for almost two hours with Brittney! The kids enjoyed showing her their treasures,
and I had fun just seeing her face again, and listening to her speak with her Mexican accent. It was a very good day indeed!

Christmas Concerts

SCHS Chorus Concert at Singletary Center UK

We always enjoy going to the high school's chorus Christmas Concert every year at the Singletary Center at UK.
 The guest performers were top notch as usual.
 And all the individual choirs were fabulous as well. 
 My favorite was the Chamber Choir - they did an excellent job!

 Scott County High School Band Christmas Concert

  We also thoroughly enjoy listening to the band's Christmas Concert each December. 
 Breck is in the Symphonic Winds, or the highest band, and they too did an excellent job.
 I love this picture of Breck playing his saxophone with Mr. Brawner sitting in back of him, behind the curtain. Breck has really enjoyed working with Mr. Brawner these last couple of years as drum major.
The grand finale was the combined Symphonic bands who still didn't have enough room on stage even though they make up only half of the entire band.

Royal Springs Middle School Eighth Grade Band Christmas Concert 

 This Christmas marks the end of an era for not only high school chorus Christmas concerts...
 but for middle school band Christmas concerts as well. It all makes me feel a little sad.
Merinda and the band also did a fantastic job!


Thanksgiving in Kentucky

 We had a quiet Thanksgiving with just our little half family in KY.
 But the turkey and trimmings were as good as ever.

Thanksgiving in Utah

 Aubrey spent Thanksgiving in Utah with all her aunts, uncles, and cousins on the Heelis side. 
 Grandma Heelis needed someone to pose with her anyway.

 The Heelis clan minus Cindy and myself (and our families).

 Sasha's Family

 Saul's Family

 Jared's Family

 Melanie's Family

and Matt's Family