Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Summer Wrap-up

Even though the summer flew by, we still managed to fit a few things in...
like eating shaved ice and yummy burritos from the taco stand.
And restoring my great aunt Alicent's (and my childhood) dresser that my mom stored and packed-up for me, and my father-in-law drove cross-country to deliver. 
Above are the before pictures...
And after. Getting the dresser here, and taking all summer to restore it, truly was a labor of love, but so worth it!
Also this summer, Brad reached his goal weight and became a Lifetime Weight Watchers member. He lost over 80 lbs and I couldn't be more proud of him!
Receiving the award from his instructor at one of the meetings. All the ladies like to gush over Brad (which he doesn't mind a bit), mostly because he is currently the only male in a class of about 50 women.
Even though the medical field is not her thing, this summer Brittney had the opportunity to do some field work with me for my occupational health office. Here she is filling out paperwork and getting heights and weights during a wellness screening for the Circuit Court employees.  
She also had fun, and wanted to rip her hair out (depending on what group of kids she was over that day), at her regular job working at Toyota Daycare. Some of her better memories were teaching the kids Spanish, putting on an entire beauty pageant with very limited resources, and writing a very condensed version of "Annie" (above) for the kids to perform for everyone (betcha can't guess which one is Annie). 
Another highlight was visiting the nursing home and meeting a celebrity of sorts Mr. Mason, who is the widower of Ann Mason, the namesake of the grade-school that all my kids attended. 
Brittney having fun with a fellow coworker, in the picture booth, during another field trip.
This summer Breck and Aubrey had the opportunity to get to know each other again (whether they wanted to or not), by driving and working together,  at the same warehouse.  
Aubrey has worked there every summer for the past three years, and Breck joined her when the warehouse he was working in closed down.
But before he left, he got some good experience working 10-hour nights, six days a week,
and almost mastering the fork-lift.
Aubrey still had a little time leftover to go to King's Island with the Young Single Adults,
rekindle old friendships,
and enjoy ethnic cuisine at the Latino Festival downtown, Lexington.  
Brittney was maid of honor at her best friend Kate's wedding. Since Kate and Kendall met ballroom dancing at BYU-I, it was only appropriate that they, and everyone else, dance at their reception.
Breck and Brittney brushing up on their ballroom dance skills they learned a couple years ago from the Allens.
All the kids feeling pretty cool line and free dancing.
Breck and Christina getting things a little backwards
as they try to ballroom dance.
Aubrey being asked to dance by younger men (who she used to babysit).
 Good friends John, Christen, and Archibald (who both Kate and Brittney have babysat the past few years).
Kate and Kendall glowing as a newly married couple!
And last but not least, our little furry friend that has been messing up our backyard, and who just about gave Brad a heart attack when running across the deck one morning. We are still not sure what it is...Mole? Woodchuck? Groundhog? We'll let you be the judge...

Friday, September 25, 2015

Brittney's Birthday

 It was nice to actually celebrate Brittney's 22nd Birthday with her this year,
 the last few years for her birthday she was at school and on her mission.
 Due to the special diet she is on, the kids had to get a little creative with the birthday treats...
 which means no gluten, milk, fat, or sugar!
  Brittney appreciated Breck's gifts which included all Brittney-friendly foods.
  Thus, sadly, no cake or ice cream this year, but I did attempt to make her favorite meal, only modified (her portion of the casserole is the part without the cheese).
 We also enjoyed eating Latino cuisine with the Holts one last time before Brittney left for college. Brittney couldn't eat the Carne asada, but Brad grilled a marinated chicken breast for her that was just as delicious!