Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aubrey's & Breck's Band Concert

Aubrey's and Breck's middle school band concert. Aubrey is first chair flute in the 8th grade band and her good friend McKenzie is second chair. Aubrey & McKenzie also made it into All District Band (via try-outs) and received a distinguished on their ensemble piece.

Aubrey socializing with other eighth grade band members.
Breck waiting to perform, the fist time all evening he wasn't socializing or entertaining the four female band members to his left.

Breck playing first chair saxophone and sitting next to Ashton Barber, a good friend from church and only other Mormon in the sixth grade.

The sixth grade band at Royal Springs Middle School. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grade bands performed individually this night.

Brittney's Chorus Concert

Brittney's end-of-year "Ice Cream Concert." Ladies Ensemble dressed in casual attire singing some fun classics.

Brittney having a good time after Singers perform.

All eye's on the conductor (at least Brittney is paying attention) for difficult song arrangements sung in Latin.

Brittney's best buddy Jill Jenkins who will be graduating this year and going to BYU in the fall.

Yummy ice cream and brownies after the concert--can you tell which children are mine? Hint: The ones with the forks in their mouths!

Good Times

I had a fabulous mother's day and birthday! I want to thank everyone who sang, sent cards and gifts, and remembered me on my birthday. Here I am getting ready to eat my favorite cake--carrot cake from "Granny's Goodies."

This past weekend I had a wonderful time going to "Time Out for Women" in Cincinnati with eleven other ladies from the ward.

Three of my good buddies...I call this picture: Stylish ladies in front of stylish wall.

The three musketeers! It was fun to spend time with dear friends again. We have missed talking and doing things together since the three of us are so busy going to school, working, and raising children.

It is still fun to have slumber parties, eat junk food, and stay up all night. Unfortunately, it takes a little longer to recuperate from the lack of sleep and sugar high as our husbands and kids will attest too.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Brittney's Recital


Aubrey's Recital Pieces


A Star is Born

Every year the grade school offers after-school clubs for the kids, and Merinda decided to join the "Fun and Games Club" and "Drama Club." This year's drama club production was "The Wizard of Oz."

These are the munchkins--literally, this play included only first and second graders.

Merinda was the "green narrator" and at one point considered dropping out because her lines were "too hard to memorize!"

We are glad she hung tough...and glad the directors had patience of saints.

We all got caught up in the spirit of the play, and let our "true colors" show--who are these crazy people anyway?