Thursday, June 26, 2014

RSMS Park Day

I had a great time being a chaperon for Merinda's middle school "Park Day".
The chaperon's were required just because of the large number of kids (but really not needed).
Even though these were 7th graders, they did not forget how to have a good time at the playground.
It took me back to my childhood just watching them as they
rolled down the hills...
and swing on the swings.
They even talked one of their fellow-classmates into getting in a baby swing...
7th grade is a curious age, you have your 7th graders who need to shave,
and those that can still fit into baby swings (and he didn't even get stuck).
But regardless of size or physical maturity, I was impressed how well these kids got along, and kept themselves entertained for an entire school day (in the heat and humidity no less!).

Beautiful Kentucky

Aubrey went with the YSA's on a hike around Berea, KY and the pictures she took on her sad little phone were breathtaking--just imagine what it looked like in real life! 

 Beautiful Kate against a beautiful backdrop.
 It was a pretty challenging hike, but the view from the top just as the sun was going down, was well worth the effort.
 View of Berea.
This is also how I feel when pondering the miracle of God's creations!