Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying"

Since Breck is a High School Freshman this year he decided to try out for our High School's Spring Musical How to Succeed in Business Without Even Trying.Try-outs included reciting of lines, as well as singing and dancing.
Even though Breck got a minor speaking part, there were more male choreographed singing and dancing parts than in most musicals.  
Practices lasted two hours every day after school for three months, and that's not including six hours a night performance week, and an average of six hours on Saturdays, snow days, and holidays. 
On the second night of showing the boy who is standing on the table actually fell while jumping onto the table, causing the table to tip over. Luckily, he wasn't hurt--just his ego a little.
Breck did a great job really getting into character. At one point when he was pretending to fall asleep, I thought that he had really fallen asleep (knowing how exhausted he was show week), and I was so embarrassed for him until the main character slammed his hand on the desk "waking" everyone up. 

All the guys did such a great job of singing and dancing, not until the end did I notice all the sweat dripping off their faces. I really felt for them, especially when considering that they were dressed in suit jackets and ties most of the night, the auditorium was a hundred degrees, and the musical was three hours long!
Even all the little background scenes were very polished.
The girls also did a fabulous job, of course.
I think this was a great opportunity for Breck, and maybe he'll even want to try out again next year. I do think he was a little disappointed when it came time for the actual performances because they seemed a little anticlimactic after all the months of hard work. He expressed that next time he would enjoy the journey and bond more with the cast members, because in the end, it's the friendships made that really matter. And so it is with life--it's so much better when he can enjoy the journey, and build lasting relationships!

Merinda's Academic Team

Since Merinda is my youngest and will be going to Middle School next year, this will be my last year to attend grade-school academic team matches. 
Merinda's team did well during the season, but the real competition begins with the District Competition. Here the team is getting a little pep talk from one of  their coaches. The thing I most proud of is that Merinda was the only girl out of all the quick recall teams. 
Merinda also competed in Social Studies where she placed fourth out of the District.
Both Ben Richie (who scored first place in Social Studies) and Merinda were able to advance to Regional's, which was held in Frankfort, KY.
Merinda showing off her medals.
Merinda's coaches whom she adored--Mr. Mann and Mrs. Bennett.
Merinda's school received 2nd place overall at District. 
Merinda was also apart of Future Problem Solvers (FPS). Her FPS team scored second place in District and third place at Regionals. 
Merinda sporting her FPS attire which the girls designed. There slogan was: In a pickle? Just call Ann Mason Future Problem Solvers. The most exciting part about the t-shirts was seeing if Mr. Mann would wear the t-shirt on competition day (which he did--with pride!).
Merinda's biggest fan!

Breck is an Eagle Scout

Breck's Eagle project consisted of the advertisement, distribution, and installation of environment friendly rain barrels. The idea and project layout was presented to Breck by Georgetown's City Engineer Eric Larsen (who is himself an Eagle Scout). Breck was excited about the project from the beginning, and organized everything himself under the direction of Eric.   
The fist phase entailed the advertising and selling of the rain barrels. Breck created a flyer to distribute to neighborhoods (above), and petitioned city businesses downtown to display the fliers in their windows. Also, as apart of advertising, Breck wrote a press release and sent it to our local newspapers, and newscasts--he was even interviewed by Chanel 27 News!
The second phase of the project dealt with the pick-up, loading, and/or delivery of the rain barrels. The third phase included the installation of the water barrels which were attached to the downspouts of people's gutters. As part of the Eagle requirement Breck was also responsible for the involvement and participation of the people in his troop, church, and community. 
Breck has worked very hard in Scouting for the last few years to earn this award, and we are really proud of him. . .
but of course there is no way Breck would of achieved this goal if is wasn't for extremely dedicated leaders! 
Breck with his fellow Scouts from troop 209.
One of them is an Eagle Scout and four others will earn their Eagle Scout Award within the next year.
Breck with his Boy Scout leaders: Mark Allen & Chris Thunhorst - Scout Masters, and James Jenkins - Varsity Scout leader.
Breck with all of his Scout leaders: I was Breck's Cub Scout (Den) leader, Veronica Holt (far right) was Breck's Webelo's leader and Scout Mentor, and Brad has served as Assistant Scout Master for the past couple of years.
Last but not least is Breck's fan-club with Grandma Heelis. It was wonderful to have mom come all the way from Utah for the ceremony, and treat everyone to a celebratory dinner--Thanks Mom!!!