Friday, May 8, 2015

SCHS Ice Cream Concert

 All good things must come to an end, and that means the SCHS's Annual Ice Cream Concert. Since Breck is a Senior, and Merinda wants to do band instead of choir in high school, this is an end of an era, with my oldest three kids participating in the SCHS choirs for a combined total of twelve years.
Joy Jenkins and Alec Murdock (next to her on the piano bench) doing a wonderful job as accompaniests. 
The Women's Choir having fun with the choreography.
Breck singing bass in a Concert Choir quartet.
The highlight of the night was the Chamber Singers! They sounded amazing.

Christina Holt (Breck's good friend) joined Kyrstin Tillman and the other middle schools' gifted and talented singers while they performed as guest artists.

Ceire Bolton and Randi Lowe, also friends from church, singing with Singers.

The Singers and Cardinal Choirs doing a fabulous job (Brendon Charles, Ethan Murdock, and Wade Gardner - other good friends of Breck).
Merinda and Hannah enjoying the concert. 

The choir's seniors were also recognized - more good friends of Breck's were...
 Joy Jenkins,
Sarah DeMoor,
Jared Parker, Alec Murdock, and Samuel Miranda.
Breck receiving his flower,

(what's with the guys smelling their carnations?)

and presenting Mr. Wright with his "gift". This year it was baby socks for Mr. Wrights new baby, but Breck decided to give Mr. Wright his own smelly socks off his feet, in addition to the baby socks.
Mr. Wright then took his own sweaty smelly socks off, and gave them to Breck. That is why they both have bare feet.

Breck wearing Mr. Wrights socks around his neck (ewww).

Breck finally put his shoes and socks (I mean Mr. Wright's socks) back on his feet. Breck got the better end of the deal because Mr. Wright's sock were Christmas sock, and in much better condition than Breck's.
Jordan Poston (standing next to Mr. Merritt) is another good friend of Breck's. Mr. Merritt almost forgot to call Jared's (next to Jordan) name. Good thing Alec was there to bring it to Mr. Merritt's attention.
Samual Sinkhorn and Zak Zwygart, more good friends of Breck, gave the final gifts, which was a good thing because I don't think Mr. Wright could find room for anymore socks on his person.
Mr. Merritt receiving a donation from the choir for the Down Syndrome Association of which he is actively involved because of his own son, and others in the community, who have children with Down Syndrome. 

Alec 'getting into things' while playing "Queen" on his electric guitar.
This concert was particularly fun because it was Alumni Night.
All past alumni were invited to sing and perform the final three songs of the concert.

 It was fun to see Mr. Merritt and other teachers and counselors from the primary, middle, and high schools perform, as well as many members from the community.
Unfortunately, Brittney was too sick and Aubrey too busy with work, to practice for the performance. But Aubrey, and her friend Hannah, still enjoyed singing along from their seats. 
The director who started the whole program conducted (far right), in addition to other former directors, who all greatly influenced the choir, and helped it become the success it is today. 
It was a another great concert full of wonderful music and memories that we will always cherish!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

"Hairspray" the Musical

The SCHS Players put on "Hairspray" this year for the Spring Musical.
 We thought each actor/actress was cast perfectly, and did a phenomenal job! Breck played Edna, Breck's good friend, Alec Murdock, played Wilbur Turnblad, and Bekah Knight played Tracy Turnblad.
Breck's fan club...Merinda, Aubrey, and Brittney...
 Kirsten and her Mom.
Most of you already know the plot from the Zac Efron/John Travolta version so I will let the pictures speak for themselves...
 Sarah DeMoor not only played Velma Von Tussle amazingly but had an amazing set of 'pipes' (unlike Michelle Pfeiffer).
Brennen Clark played the Zac Efron part (Link Larken) perfectly!
Breck's good friend Christina Holt played Vicki (in the white dress).
And Bekah Knight, what can I say, what can't this girl do?
I think Laney Taylor played the part of Penny Pingleton even better than Amanda Bynes.

Breck getting into it...good thing he has no inhibitions! 
Makia McIntyre played the Queen Latifah part (Motormouth Maybelle) and killed it!!! 
I'm glad to see that growing up with three sisters helped Breck with his sensitive side.
Savannah Lambert and Sam Sinkhorn played the parts of Amber Von Tussle and Corny Collins perfectly.
Breck about melted after hiding in the hairspray can over fifteen minuets on the hot stage.
 All my girls!
 Not quite sure how Grandpa feels about Breck's new look.
 I just think it's not fair that my son looks more attractive in eye makeup than I do!
 Hugs all around for those who helped out so much with the musical.
 Pictures with the cast,
 pictures with the fans,
 and fellow cast members (good friends make the best couples!)