Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sister's Reunion Part Two

While in Heber, we though it would be fun to surprise Jared at work. He gave us the grand tour as we enjoyed the opportunity of meeting some of the great people he works with.
No reunion would be complete without taking family names to the Temple.
Next on the schedule was dinner at Taco Amigo and family get-to-gather at PG park, for old time sake.
Even though it began as a Sister's Reunion, what a treat it was to have the whole gang back together again, and not forgetting Dad as we paid our respects.
I had so much fun, and hope we can fulfill Mom's dream of making this reunion an annual event. Thanks Mom for putting this together, for everyone who sacrificed their time and money to make it happen, and to Melanie, for putting up with me and my camera despite being over seven months pregnant!

Sister's Reunion Part One

This past week I spent a wonderful five days in Utah for our very first Sister's Reunion. Cindy flew from Grangeville Idaho, Melanie drove from Abalien Texas, and I flew from Georgetown, KY. The "Sisters" that were able to participate included (from left to right) Brie, Sasha, Mom, Cindy, Carolee, Melanie, and Me (Alicent).
We had a fun time eating good food, like raspberry-filled donuts (not available in the South or Midwest), and getting our hair done (notice my hair before, in the first picture, and after, in this picture) compliments of Mom and her salon.
Other highlights were a day of pampering with manicures and pedicures ...
and spending a night at a cabin up Heber canyon among the beautiful Pines and Quaking Aspens, which included a fabulous dinner with chocolate lava cake for dessert (again all compliments of Mom).
 We had a good time taking a break from our busy lives to catch up, take personality tests, share goals, and just enjoy each others' company.

Monday, June 14, 2010

May Highlights

Merinda had fun playing Merryweather (the blue fairy) in this year's K-3rd grade drama production of Sleeping Beauty. Here she is standing next to some of the other fairies, including Flora and Fauna. 
She had fun "hamming" it up for the camera.
Merinda was nervous but did a great job singing her first solo.
Merinda with her good friend Katelyn, who played Briar Rose.
I had a fun time going with Merinda on her field trip to the Kentucky Horse Park. This Fall, the Horse Park will host the 2010 World Equestrian Games, right here in our little town of Georgetown, KY. Many people are still trying to find places to stay and are paying a going rate of  $1000.00/day (I am seriously thinking about giving up my house for three weeks!).
Merinda learning how to guide her "show horse" around the rink.

May Highlights Continued

No, I did not really turn nineteen, even though I feel that young! I forgot to buy a number "3" candle, so this year I had the privilege of being 19 again instead of 39 years old (I will definitely need to forget the number "4" for next year!).
I had a wonderful Birthday & Mother's Day despite the fact they took place in the middle of a very hectic month of May.  I enjoyed the calls, gifts, spending time with family & friends, and watching Iron Man opening night!
With the end of May came the end of Seminary. I will miss my Seniors Shay and Sean, but can't wait to see everyone back next fall, including 18 new students!
My Seminary class again, only this time they are revealing their true colors (and yes, I am also showing the real me).