Tuesday, June 18, 2013


 The year Brittney graduated from high school, we had her come up with one last thing she would like to do with the family before going away to college. She chose to go to an amusement park with the largest, fasted, and most number of roller coasters. So off we went to Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio.
 Aubrey's request was a little more mellow (thank goodness). She wanted to watch a Broadway play, but more specifically, she wanted to see "Wicked". Unfortunately, we didn't have the time nor means to drive/fly to Broadway in New York City. However, Brad did find a traveling Broadway show that  would be performing in Columbus, Ohio, which was only about a three hour drive.
 After shopping at an outlet mall, driving around downtown Columbus, and eating at an Italian restaurant, it was finally time to make our way to the apparently historic Ohio Theater.
 I don't know the history behind the theater, but I do know that the interior was absolutely beautiful, even the bathrooms (above) were intricately decorated and ornate.
 I felt like we might as well have been sitting in a typical Broadway theater in NYC.
 It was also fun going with Aubrey's friend McKenzie. She came in place of Breck, who was attending Band Major Camp.
  I think the girls enjoyed the ambiance as much as I did:
 here I took a picture from the front lobby looking up,
 and another picture of the ceiling and second floor mezzanine.
 Even the orchestra pit was pretty epic with all the live music blasting from beneath the stage, which just suddenly dropped off.
We had great seats, and everyone had a wonderful time. I just can't wait to see what Breck comes up with the year he graduates from high school!

Girls Camp

 This year was Merinda's first year at Girl's Camp.
 She had a great time with other first year campers,
 friends from church,
 her best friend Lauren,
and a wonderful group of 
 Youth Camp Leaders (YCL's)!
 With camp shirts on and camp books in hand,
 the girls were ready to begin their girl's camp adventure.
 Here, the Stake Camp Leaders are hashing out last minute preparations. 
 Even the older girls were excited for the week.
 Unfortunately, this year I couldn't stay the whole week, but I did enjoy coming back for Bishop's night with dancing, skits, and testimony meeting.

 Bishop/President Jenkins was a good sport as the girls "tried his patience".

 Each girls had the opportunity to participate, whether they were being silly
 or serious. . .
 as with the Turn Around skit. 
 One of Merinda's favorite part's of camp was testimony meeting, which I have to admit was very inspiring, even though it lasted well after midnight.
 Merinda had to leave right after testimony meeting because we were leaving for "Wicked" the next morning. I told her I would help her gather her stuff, and clean her bunk (above). Little did I know what I was getting myself into!
 The cabin was completely disgusting and smelly with wet clothes, shoes, and towels thrown amongst spilled juice, chewed up candy, and camp paraphernalia.
I can't remember anything so gross, except for maybe the year I went to girls camp with Aubrey, and stayed in her cabin which won the messiest cabin award!

Memorial Day Picnic

 We had our annual Memorial Day picnic at Scott County Park again this year.
 We had a great time: BBQing,
 meeting new friends,

 catching up with family,

 and old friends,

  playing balloon toss,

 (which always turns into a major water fight)
and last but not least, when we're all cooled off, 
 a game of Ultimate Frisbee,
which keeps going,
  and going (dusk)
and going (even after dark with glow necklaces & lighted frisbee)!