Tuesday, May 27, 2014

May 11, 2014

This year my birthday fell on Mother's Day. I was actually born on Mother's Day so that made it all the more special. Plus the fact there were no extra meetings or obligations because it was Mother's Day. Merinda made me this carrot cake that was not only beautiful, but super delicious too!
Another reason it was so great--I got to enjoy most of the day with Brad, 
and my crazy kids!
The best part of all, however, was Skyping with Brittney in El Salvador! It was so nice to see her smiling face, and know that she is really doing ok. Here is Brittney and her companion Sister Kersten.
The worst part was saying "goodbye" for another six months!

Friday, May 23, 2014

Ice Cream Concert

The final choral concert of the year is called the "Ice Cream" concert because they serve ice cream with a big brownie afterwards. Between Brittney, Aubrey, and now Breck, we have been to many high school choral concerts, and this one did not disappoint.
In this particular song the choir, which is a mixed choir called "Singers", is doing the wave
You can never accuse Breck of not being enthusiastic (far right).
He can, however, be serious and focused when need be.
Breck is also in "Great Scott", a smaller, all men's choir.  
 Breck was able to pull-off the highest note in the song (as evident by the look on his face), despite being a low bass.
 Here, Breck is singing with his friend Sam.
 I don't really know the reason for the dip, but I don't question anymore.
 The third group Breck sings with is "Master Singers". They too are an all-male choir, but seemed to be a little more subdued.
 Mr. Merritt and Mr. Wright are phenomenal choir teachers. Each year the graduating Seniors like to give Mr. Wright a little going away gift. Brittney's Senior year it was already chewed gum (it was really gross, especially with about 80 Seniors), Aubrey's year it was ties, and this year it was coffee mugs (with great saying on them).
After the concert, we always enjoy visiting with friends from church,
with our own family,
 and with friends from school. 
We had so much fun this year, we even shut the place down! Can't wait to do it again next year!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Break

We had a great Spring Break again this year in Destin, Florida.
Here is the highway driving into Destin. I love the feel of being surrounded by ocean!
The fun part about Spring Break in Destin this year was spending it with Grandma Heelis (Mom)!
The beaches were as beautiful as we remember.
Breck and Merinda decided to try their hand at snorkeling this year.
After such a cold winter, it was so nice to relax in the warm sun!
I had almost forgotten what sun and blue skies looked like.
We had fun showing mom some of our favorite boardwalks,
and restaurants.

Something else we did new this year was go to Pensacola, Florida to see the Blue Angel's fly, and visit the Blue Angel Naval Base Museum.
Mom and me standing in front of a Blue Angel jet.
Mom being the perfect navel museum model.
Mom the model unawares.
Merinda posing with two navy ladies (ok that sounds lame, but I really don't know their official title).
Mom, Breck, and Merinda even went on a modified simulator of a Blue Angel flight.
I say modified, because this was the real simulator that went every direction possible at varying speeds. Breck would of enjoyed this more, but the line was just way too long.
We also enjoyed watching a movie of the Blue Angel's on the IMAX
although it did make me a little nauseous. 
Outside the Blue Angel's Museum (not sure why Breck is holding his bottom lip but we don't question these things anymore).
Also new and fun this year was Brad and Breck's "Snuba-diving" adventure (half snorkeling and half scuba-diving).
They looked pretty cool in their wet suites (at least they thought so).
Mom and Merinda waiting for our ship to come in...
The "Southern Star" dolphin viewing cruise that is.
Our boat was docked right next to the Pirate boat so we just had to get some pictures of the cool-looking pirates.
Mom enjoying the ocean views and bay,
and especially the Dolphins (tons of Dolphins, even little baby Dolphins that were so cute!).
Unfortunately, the rocky waves were a bit too much for Merinda's stomach to handle.
I told her if she looked out into the ocean it would make her feel better (you can see by the look on her face that I was wrong).
At one point, our boat was right beside Brad and Breck's Snuba boat (they are in the navy wet suites). Despite my jumping up and down, yelling, and waving my arms like an idiot, they were oblivious that we were right next to them. 
We even had fun just chillin in our hotel room. Breck showing mom all the things her new phone could do (only because it was an "Android").
And Merinda was just impressed by her blanket that the cleaning ladies shaped into a butterfly (oh it's the simple things in life!).
We had a great time, but the best part was spending it with my Mom :)