Friday, April 28, 2017

April Happenings

 Brad having so much fun talking to our friend's new baby.
( I think he's ready to be a grandpa!)
 Our Ward's youth all grown up and going to Mormon Prom.
Brittney having fun dating (finally).
 Easter dinner at the Holt with the Allens.
Sporting our cool Red Bud Bike Ride shirts even though we didn't actually participate in the ride
 (due to thunder storms and flash flooding).
But we still had a nice pancake breakfast, and enjoyed the London, KY rolling hills and scenery
(via car). 
(Brad sucking in his gut!)

Nashville, Tennessee

 Brittney was asked last minuet by her company, to go to a marketing convention in Nashville, Tennessee. Of course I just had to go and meet her there since I live only four hours away! We stayed at the Holiday Inn in West End Downtown, Nashville, near the Vanderbilt University campus.
 Every day I would walk four miles to and from music city downtown, to meet Brittney for lunch. These are some of the sites I saw along the way (I could of taken a hotel shuttle but I wanted the exercise, and to experience the city on foot).
Pretty awesome Nashville Union Station!
 First Baptist Church of Nashville.
 Views of the City
 Cool Graffiti! 
There was tons of construction (building hotels) going on downtown.
 Brittney's first day of her convention was at the brand new beautiful Weston Hotel.
Eating lunch in one of the halls at the Weston.
 Weston Foyer
 The next three convention days were held at the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
Selfies in front of the Hall of Fame.
 Inside the Hall of Fame on the hotel side, where the convention was being held. 
 Looking up the spiral staircase where the convention covered six floors!
 Brittney and a new friend she made while networking at the convention.
Music City Convention Center 
Bridgestone Arena 
 Hilton Inn across from Music City 
 Pedal Tavern - where tourist explore the city while drinking (I guess it's legal to 'drink and pedal'). 
 Vanderbilt University campus located right next to our hotel.
 Fitting to have a breast cancer awareness cement truck pouring concrete at the University.
 Beautiful Methodist Church across from Vanderbilt campus. 
 A total dive bar, across from our hotel, that had live music and wonderful smells radiating from it!
 Centennial Park, which was also located right across from our hotel. 
The Parthenon inside Centennial Park, which is a full-scale replica of the original Parthenon in Athens, Greece! 
It was built in 1897 as part of the Tennessee Centennial Exposition. 
 Even though it was too late in the day for us to go in, we had fun taking pictures on and around the Parthenon, our last evening in Nashville (back view).
 It was actually nighttime (thus the fuzzy picture) but the Parthenon itself was illuminated by huge flood lights. 
 The pillars were pretty massive.
 Inside the pillars.
 Maybe next time we're in Nashville we can actually visit the museum inside (front view).
I am so grateful for the chance to spend a week in Nashville with Brittney, and hopefully another opportunity like this will come up again some day!