Thursday, December 15, 2016

Tis The Season For: Christmas Concerts & Recitals

  One of the things I enjoy about the Christmas season is all the Christmas concerts. Since we are down to one child, we only had two to attend this year. Merinda's piano recital was held at an old Catholic church downtown. She has a new teacher, Edna, who is very old-school. 
At the beginning of the recital all the students sang a song (Merinda only mouthed it because she had no voice due to a bad cold she was fighting most of December), while the older boys accompanied them on xylophones.  
This particular piano student also played two Christmas songs on his guitar.   
 Merinda did the best she has ever done at a recital, I'm thinking it's because Edna picked out a piece that was very simple for her not quite knowing Merinda's ability level yet.
  In the middle of the recital, Edna recited the whole Christmas Story by heart. When the recital was over, Edna had all her students stand in a line so she could give them all a hug and also so we could shake all their hands and tell them what a great job they did.
 Edna giving Merinda a hug (and these hugs were real hugs!)
  Then there was the Christmas band concert.
 Merinda has enjoyed having Mr. Stepp as her band teacher.
 Merinda's chair is right in front of Mr. Stepp.
This is the only picture I got of Merinda (front center glasses and pony tail), which is okay with her because she was very sick this day and I made her go anyway (especially since it is a big part of her band grade).