Thursday, June 25, 2015

Breck's High School Graduation

Scott County High School Graduation

Breck's graduation was held at the Frankfort Convention center again this year.
 Those of us in attendance (unfortunately Brittney was sick and couldn't join us).
 Typical Breck visiting with everyone around him before the start of the ceremonies.
 One of Breck's friends, Holly Huber, giving a reflection speech.
 Another friend of Breck's from chorus and drama, Sam Sinkhorn (and Senior Class President) giving the commencement address. On the left is Superintendent Patricia Patty, and SCHS Principle Frank Howatt.  
The senior members of the choir performed "My Old Kentucky Home". 
 Some of Breck's good friends in the choir: Zak Zwygart, Jared Parker, Alec Murdock (all three from Church), Samuel Miranda, Wade Gardener, 
 Joy Jenkins (also from Church), Jordan Poston and Megan Quackenbush.
 Breck then climbed over fellow band-mates to play "America the Beautiful" with the band and other Saxophones (he was just glad not to play "Pomp and Circumstance" a million times this year).
Other friends in the band who were also graduating: Ben Scott and Megan Redmon.
Mr. Brawners final year leading the band at graduation.
 Our huge band sitting behind the graduates.
 Kind of unfortunate when your camera fails you right at that picture perfect moment :(
 The graduates throwing their caps into the air.
 Breck being a good sport for pictures afterwards.
 Breck and his proud parents.
Breck and his proud sisters.
Breck and his proud grandmother.
 Breck and his proud family!
Sneaking in a few photo opts with mom, 
as we walked through historic downtown Frankfort, on the way to our car.
 Brad and Breck conversing as they walked the cobblestone streets.
 I just had to include this picture because of mom's and Aubrey's expressions.
 This too made the post to show what a good sport mom is!!!
(she is the only one not ignoring me)

Seminary Graduation

 The Georgetown Seminary Graduates: Ryleigh Bonk, Gail Rowand, Ashton Barber, Joy Jenkins, and Zak Zwygart.
The complete group including Stephanie Wilson, Jared Parker, and Alec Murdock with their four-year Diploma's! 
We are so proud of all these kids for their dedication and diligence!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Eighth Grade Graduation, Field Day, and King's Island

We have officially come to an end of an era known as Middle School!
I don't know if Merinda will miss middle school, but I will. I love the wonderful staff and really enjoyed volunteering the past three years. 
The middle school choir performed for Eighth Grade Graduation,
along with band.
 Mr. Stepp was a great band teacher, and luckily we will see more of him since he will be replacing Mr. Brawner as the new Scott County High School Band Director.
Royal Spring Middle School's wonderful administrators,
 and staff, including the ladies who keep everything going in the front office (front and far right), and of Mrs. Hambrick (far left), "Teacher of the Year" several times and the reason my kids have enjoyed and excelled in English, up to, and even through, college.
 Grace Lyon spoke, she is one of Merinda's best friends and recipient of the Grand Titan Citizenship award.
 Ashlynn Trevino was the other student speaker, she was 8th grade class president and also good friend of Merinda.
 Mr. Allen's passion for Social Studies is infectious, he is personally my favorite teacher at Royal Springs.
 Mrs. Fisher, is one of Merinda's favorite teachers, as well as Merinda's play director and leadership class mentor.
  The happy family who loved watching 450 eighth graders receive their "diplomas". 
Ms. Carrico (who has taught Math to all four of our children) and Mr. Tencza (Assistant Principle) get ready to announce Nikara Charles' name.
Nikara and Ethan Clayburn are two of Merinda's good friends from Church.
 Mr. Griesser, Dean of Students, reading off Merinda's name.
 Mrs. Gullett, the Principle and person responsible for making Royal Springs one of the top 20 middle schools in the state.
 My final volunteering experience - serving drinks, pizza, and cake at the middle school graduation dance. As you can see, I dragged mom along, but don't be fooled, this picture was taken after mom and I poured about 50 liters of pop (spilling just a few cups in the process). 
 I thought the loud music would do mom in,
 but she was surprisingly impressed with how well the kids got along, and all danced together.
 Merinda's good friends and lunch buddies: Isabelle Morgan & Meaghan Czarnecki.
 Merinda and more good friends... 
Heather Woodie,
and Jacob Conway.
 Merinda with Grandma Heelis, who sewed pleats in the back of her beautiful graduation dress (she got from Aubrey) so it would fit properly.
 Merinda and myself, I do believe she has just about passed me up.
Merinda's and her lunch besties. 
Royal Spring Middle school field day.
Looking for treasures in a kiddy pool of....
chocolate pudding!!!
 Eighth grade field trip to King's Island with Ashlynn, Grace, and Merinda.
 For someone who doesn't like roller coasters, I can't believe Merinda's friends talked her into riding Diamond Back, and as the very first ride of the day! 
 The girls and Ben Richie, another good friend of Merinda's (and male recipient of the Grand Titan Award).
 Eating pizza for lunch,
and riding the swings (hopefully not in that order). Despite being talked into riding "the scariest rides" Merinda survived, and had a great day at King's Island with all the Eighth Graders!