Monday, November 9, 2015

I Love Fall

I love Fall...
 with it's beautiful sunsets,
that make the sky look like it's on fire.
I love Fall...
and twirling around and around
 like a leaf
 that slowly falls
to the ground.
I love Fall...
 when the grass is green,
the air is crisp,
the wind is swift,
and the leaves are vibrant (photos by Merinda).
 I love Fall...
 and entertaining one another 
 by taking endless
ridiculous selfies
at the High School football game
because it's freezing
  and the home team 
is creaming the other team.
I love Fall...
and spending time with friends
and family.
 I love Fall...
 and roasting hot dogs and making s'mores 
  over a huge bonfire. 
 I love Fall...
 and watching
the marching band
perform their  
 Halloween half-time show
 dressed in
 their creative
 and fun
  Halloween costumes.
 I love Fall...
 while stalking Merinda
as she visits with all her friends at the game.
(Merinda loves Fall and being old enough to attend youth dances).
 I love Fall...   
when looking at pictures 
 of the awesome 
Halloween costumes
 from our company's  
Halloween party.