Monday, May 15, 2017

Happy Mother's Day to Me!

 And then the cherry on top of the whole week and weekend, was getting to see and talk face-to-face with ALL of my kids!
 Breck is thriving in Argentina with his companion Elder Rocha! He has been speaking Spanish so much that it was difficult for him to speak in English.
 The Holt's came for ice cream and cake, but also got a chance to speak some Spanish with Aubrey (who also had a difficult time remembering English!).
The kids made special arrangements to Skype with us on Saturday since Brad would be flying to Europe for work, on Mother's Day.
 Aubrey is also thriving in Chile with her companion Hermana Fleitas, who is actually from Argentina. 
Nelson, a sweet, sweet man who is so kind to the girls, rigged a computer in his garage so that Aubrey would be able to Skype with us on Saturday! He also played us some rockin tunes on his electric guitar! We are just so grateful to Nelson for taking such good care of Aubrey!! 
I couldn't of asked for a better Birthday and Mother's Day! I am truly blessed!!

Georgetown's Finest 5K - The 5k with Guts!

 Mother's Day weekend, my friend Ruthie and I were crazy enough to sign up for a 5K in Georgetown, put on by the Police Department, that included 16 intense obstacles. Ruthie's husband and boys also participated in the race (the oldest on the right is a Marine, so as you can imagine it was child's play for him!).
 Ruthie (and husband) was only able to run the 5K due to an injured hand.
 Ruthie's husband running through the tires.
 Ruthie's boys getting ready with the camo paint.
 Ruthie's oldest son on the rope climb and tire obstacle.
Ruthie's younger son crawling through the pipes. 
Jennifer, our spin instructor, and the one who talked us into doing the race.

The amo carry, in my opinion one of the hardest obstacles!
 About the time I was seriously dying while carrying some really heavy ammunition cans, I saw Milan, our Zumba instructor, cheering us on at the top of the hill!!
 Yeah, this may look easy, because it was! But it was the ONLY easy obstacle on the course!!!

 The obstacles were spaced-out over a mile, so to truly complete the race (this race was about finishing, not about time) you had to do each obstacle three times.
This inverted climbing thingy (along with climbing a very high rope, and going over a five foot wall) was one of the hardest obstacles for me. It doesn't look like it, but getting over the top rail was the kicker!
By the third time around my arms felt like gummy worms!

When your arms have zero strength left, even turning over small tires is a challenge.

This was another very challenging obstacle. 
I think you can tell by the look on my face! 
 I just didn't want my arms to give out and plummet to my death!
Examples of other obstacles (balancing logs)...
tire pull,
another climbing thingy, 
 back pack carry (there was about 40 lbs of weight in each backpack)
five foot wall (Brad actually helped me get over it)
tire wall,
and lateral net climb.
Ruthie with her medal!

But of course it wouldn't be officially hard without "battle wounds". I'm excited to do it again next year, but, I'll do some things differently like wear long sleeves and gloves, and pump more iron to build up my upper-body strength! I just want to thank Ruthie for the pictures (it's nice to have proof that I did it!), and for the support of Ruthie, her family, and Milan, which made it all worth it!

Happy Birthday to Me!

 I had another wonderful birthday this year, Christina Holt made me a carrot cake (my favorite!) from scratch, and it was as good as it was beautiful!!
 Mom ordered me some clothes and Sasha sent me this shirt. I also received wonderful cards from my other siblings and extended family, and phone call from Matt (who always remembers and calls on my birthday!).
 I received numerous texts and birthday wishes from friends and family via social media (thank you everyone, and thank you Brittney for passing on the messages!). And oil that I've been wanting (above) from my friend Bea, who was even in the hospital on my birthday! 
Leanne, my good friend who shares my same birthday, sent me a Burt's Bees goody bag, and I got this cute little Pineapple plant, and my favorite eye shadow, from my friend Ruthie! And of course boxing gloves and lessons from my dear sweet husband!
 Merinda gave me a make-over for my birthday. This is the before ...
 and after picture. Even though I hardly wear make-up, she did have some good tips I will continue to use.
All ready for my big date - out to eat at Carrabba's Italian Grill with Brad!
 Since I might have to eat all my carrot cake myself, we ordered a chocolate sheet cake from City Barbecue. I know it sounds random but City BBQ makes the best chocolate cake (and I don't normally even like chocolate cake), and cobbler! 
 The Holt's were nice enough to come over and share the cake and red velvet ice cream (also my favorite) with us!
It was so nice to see and visit with all the Holt kids again!