Wednesday, November 12, 2014

REO Speedwagon Concert

A selfie of Brad and me at the concert.
Aubrey text me one day and said that her friend in Kentucky won free tickets to an REO Speedwagon concert, but were unable to go, so Aubrey asked if I would be interested. "Interested? Absolutely!", I said, "But for that to come to pass, the moon and all the stars would need to align just perfectly in the sky, and that's never going to happen!" Well, I am here to testify that miracles do happen!
It's hard to believe that I went to an REO Speedwagon concert twenty seven years ago, when I was just sixteen! This is what the band looked like then! 
 And this is what I looked like! We both have that 80's hair!!!

The concert was held at a brand new event's center in Lawrenceburg, Indiana, about an hours drive from our house.

Even though our seats were towards the back, we still had a great view of the stage.
 These pictures were taken with my phone--which shows you what a great venue it was, every seat in the place was a good one.
This was Brad's first concert, so I was hoping he would have a good experience (and want to go to more in the future).
 I also expected the concert to be a little more chill than the one I went to twenty seven years ago, especially when you consider the band members are old now (their first hit was in 1971, the year I was born), and my obsession for them occurred towards the end of their reign at the top of the charts (even though they have stayed together all these years, and keep up a crazy touring schedule!). Not to mention, the age of the fans--technically Brad and I should of been on the younger side.  
 So, for me, the band did not disappoint. They were as loud, energetic, and awesome as they were the first time I saw them. But, I learned that age (most of the audience was our age and older) doesn't matter once you've had a few too many beers! Unfortunately, the drunkest people in the place, were sitting right next to Brad. They kept hitting him, tripping over him, and bugging him half the night. I tried to get Brad to trade places with me (I was sitting next to two eighty-year-old ladies in leather capris, with their fingers in their ears) but he wouldn't. Luckily, they finally moved to the floor where they had more room to carry on their shenanigans. The other big turn-off was all the old people making out everywhere--that form of PDA was a little disturbing. 
All and all, it was the best date-night I've had in a long time! Even though I have gotten older,
And the band members are all grey, I still love their music, and will continue to listen to them for many years to come!

Marching Band Senior Night

Well, it's time again to wrap up the marching band season.  
 Only this year it's a little more sad because Breck is graduating and will no longer be leading the the band at football games.
 He seems to be dealing with it okay, however.
 Well, maybe not.
 Actually, this is just Breck being Breck!
This is the view of the stands as we were waiting our turn to walk down the field with Breck. The part of the stands that actually has people, is the rest of the band kids. The reason why - it was about 32 degrees! I guess you can say we are a school of fair weather fans.
 I am hoping we eventually get a real picture, but this fuzzy one is the best I could find for now.
 There were so many Senior band members that the football team got tired of waiting and started warming up before we were through. I took this while still standing on the field.
We finally left the field while a few more committed students came to watch the game, including the cheerleaders and dance team, who all looked fat because of the amount of layers underneath their uniforms.  
 I must say, however, the kids with the most school spirit are the band kids, hands down!
 The band kids all wore their Halloween costumes,
and performed their halftime Halloween show this week because last week, on Halloween, it was sleeting!
Despite the frigid temperatures, and the fact no one was in the stands to watch, 
the band put on a great halftime show, and proved once again that they are the most dedicated students, and have the most fun!

Thursday, November 6, 2014


 We had a great Halloween this year even though it was below freezing!
 Merinda and her friends dressed up as the Seven Dwarfs. 
One of Merinda's friend's mother made all the costumes.
The girls then talked their teachers into dressing up as the rest of the characters.
The teachers were such good sports, which made it all the more fun for everyone!
Away at college, Aubrey dressed up as a beautiful Ninja Turtle?
Brad was "sick and tired" (he really was tired because he had just returned from a trip to Europe minutes before), and I was "the life of the party". It was the best we could come up with at the last minute! 
We went to a party at my boss's Mary's house. We were originally going to miss the party because of the football game and Senior night, but they cancelled Senior night due to bad weather.
We had fun eating Mary's amazing food!
We also enjoyed visiting with friends and coworkers,
(Molly, Mary's daughter, also invited her friends)
taking pictures,
and admiring each other's costumes!
Linda as the perfect Maleficent (in dress only!)
Holly as Pebbles--so glad she wore the wig, even though it was squeezing her head.
 Cheryl and her daughter with the scariest masks I have ever seen--the kind that you can't stand to look at, but at the same time, can't take your eyes off of them!
 We want to thank Mary for inviting us to her great Halloween party!!! 
Bluegrass Business Health Peeps: Cheryl, Ted, me, Linda, Cheryl's daughter Megan, Holly, and Mary (and of course Molly in previous photo).

Breck's Senior Pictures

More Senior pictures of Breck, taken by Veronica Holt, while we were in Gatlinburg, TN. I think she did an amazing job, and we can't thank her enough!!!