Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Thanksgiving in Franklin, Tennessee

 We had such a wonderful time spending Thanksgiving with the Wrights in Franklin, TN!

 Debbie made the most amazing...
 pecan pie, 
chocolate orange cream pie, 
gluten free peanut butter pie,
and gluten free and regular pumpkin pies!  
And the food was just as amazing.
  I can't thank Debbie enough for slaving in the hot kitchen all Thanksgiving day, and for taking such good care of us during our visit! She truly spoils us! 
 Friday was a beautiful day so instead of wasting it on Black Friday shopping, we drove around Franklin and took pictures of the fall colors...

Taking a stroll on a walking path near downtown Franklin.





  Brad and Debbie

We went to the Temple with Deb and Les Friday evening and it was nice to have only a five minuet drive, instead of driving an hour and fifteen minuets, which is how long it usually takes us to drive to the Louisville, KY Temple. 
Yes, I must admit that we did some stalking of homes while on our little drive. There are several country music stars that have homes in Franklin, but the one we were most interested in was Dave Ramsey's house. So here is the view of his home from the top of the Franklin hospital parking garage (Deb knows how to stalk a house properly!).
View driving into his subdivision.
View of his home from the entrance of the neighborhood, which incidentally was on top of a mountain, and contained many 'holy cow' homes (but not quite as holy cow as Dave's!). 
View of Dave's house at the beginning of his street.  
 View of Dave's house in front of his house. Brad was feeling a little stalker creepy by this time (as he should), and wouldn't slow down for me to get a better picture.
  This is a picture of a beautiful house across the "street" or mountain from Dave's. Rumor has it that LeAnn Rimes had it built but never actually lived in it.
 Views from Dave's neighborhood...

 Thanksgiving in Buhl, Idaho

 Brittney spent the week of Thanksgiving with her grandparents in Buhl, Idaho. The Thanksgiving meal was all Brittney-friendly food, and Grandma Virginia made the best milk-free, gluten-free pumpkin pie Brittney "has ever tasted!"
 Other Manwaring family members Brittney spent time with throughout the week were Lynn and Roger & kids, Becky and Shawn & kids, and Blake and Josie & kids. 
She also had fun soaking in the hot springs, enjoying a full-body massage, going to the movies, and attending Grandpa and Grandma's church where she made some new friends!

 Thanksgiving in Midway, Utah

The Heelis' spent Thanksgiving at Matt and Brei's house in Midway, Utah. All families (and then some) were actually there (except for my family).
Rachelle helping mom out in the kitchen.  

 Matt and Brei, the perfect hostesses!
 Four of the seven siblings.
 Jared, Mia, Mel, and Matt.
 Carolee and kids.
  There were over sixty people in the house!
 Good thing Matt and Brei have a full basement!
 Brei's classy table centerpieces, and Ari waiting so patiently. 
 Mom and Wyatt, Cindy's third son.
  Cindy, Todd, and kids, all sitting on one small couch.

 Cousins Jadon, Tage, Morgan, Corbin, and Isaac having a good time together.
 Dante and Tyson - best buds!
 Blakely, one of Saul and Carolee's twins.
Jared and Mia with Jared acting like, well....Jared!
 I snuk this picture in of Sasha and fam because it is so darn cute!
 Sasha and Darek, she looks young enough to be his sister!
The family in the back are friends of Melanie and Eric, visiting from Texas.  

 Melanie and Eric just being Melanie and Eric!

Gorgeous girls who are also best friends, cousins, and prospective missionaries. Rachelle goes in to the MTC mid-December and will be serving in Knoxville, TN, and Samantha will be leaving in January to serve in Rochester, New York! They are so awesome!!!

Thanksgiving in Northern Rosario, Argentina

I never heard if Aubrey was able to celebrate Thanksgiving or not, but I'm thinking not since her mission president is from Argentina. But, luckily, a family who moved to Northern Rosario from Arizona, three months ago, invited Breck over for a real Thanksgiving meal!  
  I could just give them all a hug for taking such good care of my son on Thanksgiving!
There you have it, Thanksgiving around the world! The Thanksgiving feast is just an excuse to get people together, who should really be getting together more often throughout the year!