Saturday, July 24, 2010

Camping in Tennessee

We were finally able to go camping this year as a family at Big South Fork river and recreation area, in the Cumberland Plateau, located in the western Appalachian Mountains. We chose this location because it was fairly close to home, hopefully cooler due to it's elevation, and contained hundreds of hiking trails. Here, Breck is getting to know some of the local creatures, however, the most prevalent animal to watch for was the black bear!

This is where the phrase "Happy Camper" comes from.
O.k. this is a little better!
Even though the camping and hiking were extremely hot (in the nineties with ninety percent humidity), the scenery was breathtaking, and worth the heat.
Breck and Aubrey enjoying the view at the end of Angel Fall's trail.
Everyone exploring Twin Arches, largest sandstone arch complex in the Eastern United States.
Breck standing at the bottom of the gorge.The cliff-sides and  hollows were incredibly green with trees and shrubbery that served as an umbrella to everything below. The river beds contained abundant amounts of fish including largemouth bass, and freshwater mussels.
Just one example of the many beautiful wildflowers indigenous to the Big South Fork area.