Friday, February 17, 2012

Cabin at Red River Gorge

For our holiday break this year we rented a cabin at Red River Gorge which is about an hours drive northeast of Georgetown, KY.
The cabin was located deep in the woods, and large enough to house 3 families (the Holt's, Allen's, and ourselves) for 3 nights and four days.
The highlight of our time spent in the cabin was our "pet" deer that felt right as home with all of us . . .
especially with the kids!
We enjoyed wonderful cooking as each family prepared a gourmet dinner and breakfast for everyone else.
Here was a typical lunch, which was just a free-for-all.
No vacation would be complete without some pampering. Brittney gave all us girls professional manicures.
We also had a great time just visiting 
and doing some serious "girl-talk"
(and man-talk!)
The kids enjoyed watching movies,
playing video games (and yes, I did say kids),
playing regular games like air-hockey,
playing fun group games. . .
like Spoons
(which got a little intense at times),
spending time in the hot-tub,
(who wouldn't want to be the only girl in the hot tub--I do think Christina is enjoying herself!),
the youngest group of hot-tubers,
shooting BB-guns at targets (made by Rex Holt, I even enjoyed doing some shooting myself),
exploring our beautiful surroundings,
and just spending time together as friends,
no matter how crazy we are!
This is what life is all about: enjoying God's beautiful creations, each other's company, and some much needed time away from the hustle and bustle of a hectic world!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Christmas 2011

For Christmas Eve we had our traditional candle-light ham dinner. It was wonderful to have Brittney back home for the Holidays.
We also had a fun night of games (which is always more entertaining when Brittney's around).
I always enjoy when Christmas falls on a Sunday. It is easier to remember the true meaning of Christmas and we can sleep in (since we don't open gifts until after church)
AND, we don't look so scary, or get so mad at mom when she takes a million pictures Christmas morning!
Aubrey finely got an i-pod for Christmas this year. . .
and Breck got a lot of useful things (and a really nice bike that we left in the garage).
Merinda was happy to receive some much needed new clothes.
But the kid's favorite gift would have to be their slipper-socks from Grandma Virginia . . .
and the dance shoes Brittney got from the Allen's (her personal ball-room dance teachers).
Here, Breck and Brittney are breaking in both their slippers and dance shoes!

Christmas Concerts 2011

Our Christmas festivities began with Aubrey's Chorus concert. We always enjoy going to this concert every year because it gets us all in the Christmas spirit.
Aubrey was all the way in the back so I had to really use my zoom in order to see her.
The next concert was Aubrey and Breck's Christmas band concert.
The only pictures I was able to get were of Aubrey. Breck was sitting in the middle or always behind someone (on purpose I am sure).
Next was Merinda's "Performing Morgan" Christmas program.
She was in the Angel Choir again this year.
The program also included festive music from around the world. . .
and dances the kids helped choreograph themselves.
The final Christmas event was Aubrey and Merinda's piano recital.
This year the recital was at their piano teacher's new house so it was a recital and open-house all in one, which made it a little less nerve-racking,
plus the girls got to eat goodies and visit with their friends, which was a bonus!