Tuesday, March 31, 2015

There's No Place Like Home

It was so nice to have Brittney home again after a year and half in El Salvador serving a church mission.
 Brittney unpacking her suitcases,
and sharing her El Salvadorian treasures like this handmade hammock,  
 and El Salvadorian's version of junk food.
Brittney sharing her pictures and videos from the last year and a half.
  After suffering the effects of Parasitic infections for the past year, our first order of business was to make sure Brittney was properly hydrated.
 Brad taking good care of her by warming up her cold hands,
  and providing distraction and entertainment via Jimmy Fallon reruns.
 Brittney was also comforted by hand delivered care packages from friends,
and Skyping with her sister Aubrey.
About the time Brittney sat at the piano and started playing beautiful music, we knew she was going to be okay.
 Brittney feeling a little better holding flowers she received from a companion's family, and me, the most grateful mother ever!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Winter Happenings

We had a fabulous time again this year listening to the All-State choirs in Louisville, KY. Breck was in the mixed choir this year, but all of the choirs did an amazing job. 
I told Breck that going to an opera is on my bucket list. So here we are on a date at the Lexington Opera house. Breck had a friend who was in the Opera, it was a lot of fun.
 This is how Breck asked his date, Joy Jenkins, to Mormon Prom. "Prom" is spelled with sliced Canadian bacon. The lady tried pepperonis the first time, but it was undecipherable. 
  Merinda and the Royal Spring Academic team won first place in their District.
Merinda and her friend, Nikara Charles, presenting their National History Day display and report on Brigham Young. They did a great job and went onto Regionals at EKU. They did great at Regionals as well, and will present at State at the end of the month.