Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving in Abilene, Texas (Part II)

None of us could resist Aspen's cuteness! Here she is enjoying a corn dog (not to be confused with cattail).
Mason enjoying his Ramen. I think I would enjoy my Ramen more if I ate it like that.
Mason all tuckered out from the festivities of the holiday.
Breck doing some male bonding with what else--electronics!
Our fabulous Thanksgiving spread
and scrumptious pies!
The happy family eating the Thanksgiving meal. Some are too engrossed to pose for the picture, but not our dear hostess Melanie, who spent the whole day cooking the enormous feast (and that's even with little ones hanging on her legs--pretty amazing!).
Aspen enjoying her own "thanksgiving feast" of gourmet cheese stick, and fresh out-of-the bag lunch-meat!

But the dessert more than makes up for what might have been lacking at the feast (who needs pie, when the whip cream is this delicious and 
fun to eat!).
Mother/daughter bonding.
Next to Melanie's house is a small field airport and museum, with fun old stuff to play on.
Breck having fun with Aspen (who doesn't have fun with Aspen?).
The airport runway. We had so much fun playing on that little runway.
To top off our perfect Thanksgiving day, Melanie provided fun crafts-kits for everyone. The boys made an awesome gingerbread house 
and the girls made beaded ornament Christmas trees
and Christmas hair flowers.
But sadly, all good things must come to an end.
We can't thank Melanie and Eric enough for letting us invade their house and lives for a few days. We had a great Thanksgiving, and made wonderful memories we will cherish always!

Thanksgiving in Abilene, Texas (Part I)

For Thanksgiving this year we went and visited Melanie's Family in Abilene, TX. Midway through the 18 hour drive he stopped off in Memphis, TN to visit Breck's namesake--Breck Rice (one of Brad's good friends he grew up with in Vanderhoof BC!). Above are the two Brecks'. 
This is Breck's beautiful family. We had a wonderful visit with them, and very much appreciated their hospitality and kindness!
Melanie and Eric took good care of us during our visit to Abilene and were the perfect hosts, even with their very active bunch!
Breck and his cousins Jaden and Corbin spent several hours making this cool underground club-house.
Melanie was raving about the clean, fancy interior.
I was amazed at the size of the cactus growing randomly on Melanie's little ranch. 
The kids had fun exploring the property
and looking at the animals.
Unfortunately, the boys couldn't go boating or fishing because the ponds were  almost dried-up from the drought going on in West Texas.
But they managed to find other forms of entertainment . . .
like attacking each other with cattails (which Breck, my city-slicker, called overgrown corn dogs). 
The girls enjoyed swinging on the large swing-set
and what would a ranch be without a tractor
or cockle-burs.  Merinda, my other city-slicker, was wondering what insect "jumped" on her jacket and wouldn't let go.
The little ranch did have quite the amenities, however, like a huge deck and hot-tub with surround sound. Here, Aspen is trying to decide if she wants to come and "swim" with Merinda and I.
Aubrey and Breck enjoyed soaking in the hot-tub as well--late at night with the music blaring, and a cup of hot cider!
One of the places we visited while in Abilene was Buffalo Gap. An amazing little town that shows what life was like during the early to mid 1900's.
Aubrey enjoying the old post-office
and Corbin talking on the old-time phone.
Aspen had more fun chasing the town's cat 

and getting every one to carry her around (who can resist that adorable face!).

Everyone had fun trying to balance on the old railroad tracks (there must be something therapeutic about it).
Brad, of course, had to turn the relaxing balancing into a competitive game of chicken.
I don't know what was more fun, the railroad tracks, or the old-fashion school yard. Kids of all ages had fun on the unique merry-go-round. 
And there is something nostalgic about teeter-totters that just take you back to your childhood (maybe it's the name). I have never seen so many smiles on so many faces at one time--who knew?!
We actually did go inside most of the buildings, however, I could of stayed all day and listen to every explanation on my hand-held listening device. But that's me--I am a little nerdy that way, and besides, it was the perfect day to soak up some West Texas sun!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Halloween--Band and Choir Style

For Halloween this year the High School Band and Choir got together to put on a spooky Halloween Concert. The only thing spooky to me were some of the costumes (see above)!
Here is the Assistant Choir Director dressed in PJ's and a blankie.
I think I could at least take the Director of the choir a little more seriously. Aubrey (standing behind the girl in attractive glasses) has been in both choir and band this year, so concerts like this one makes things a little easier for me. 
It was a little difficult to listen to beautiful voices coming from zombie's . . .
banana's . . .
and Einstein, and other precarious people, but the concert was very entertaining none-the-less!
Next to perform was the band.
Here is Aubrey playing her flute. She was a Ceiling "Fan" (she has pom-poms in her back pockets).
Here is Breck playing his Saxophone. He was a Prince (last minute costume borrowed from some friends of ours--Thanks Allens!).
Breck and Aubrey in the same picture--Bonus!
For Halloween this year Merinda was a Stylish Butterfly (if you want to know the official name you will need to look it up in the American Girl Magazine).
Breck and Aubrey (I have no idea what Aubrey is) went trick-or-treating in our neighborhood this year for canned-goods with some friends from their Youth Impact club. They carried the cans in a large rolling suitcase. Aubrey said that when people came to the door and saw a bunch of teenagers "trick-or-treating" and hauling around a suitcase they usually had a look of total disgust on their faces--at least until the kids explained they were collecting non-perishable food items for the Amen House (a local charity).