Monday, September 19, 2016

The Diviners

 My friend Audra directed a play called The Diviners which was put on by the Georgetown Community Theater.
 The cast did an amazing job,
 and it was fun to see some of Breck's old high school acting buddies.
  It was also nice to see our other kid's friends, 
and people from church and the community 
we haven't seen for awhile. 
 The play took place in an old tobacco barn, 
 which was the perfect setting for the subject matter.
 The Knights, Johnsons, DeMoor, and Ervin, put on great performances,
 as well as everyone else - the entire cast put on an incredible show!
 Sam Sinkhorn and Jack McElroy, playing C.C. and Buddy, blew us away with their portrayal of such complex characters, memorization of lengthy interactive dialogue, and the acting out of such tough physical and emotional scenes. 
Thank you Audra, and all the GCT cast and crew for a special entertaining experience we won't soon forget!

Air Force Marathon 2016

 Well it's that time of year again - Brad and I ran the Air Force Half Marathon in Dayton, Ohio this past weekend. We always enjoy walking through the Expo, and carbing-up the evening before - this time at the Cheesecake Factory.
  The week before it was predicted to be rainy and stormy for race-day. But once again we lucked out, however, the mugginess just about did us in!
  Flyover of the CV-22 Osprey, 
the featured aircraft for this year's races.
 I always like to take a pre-race selfie, just in case we don't make it to the end.
  Our traditional post-race picture in front of the aircrafts (not quite sure whats going on with Brad's goofy hat).
 Our post-race reward - a Gelati Italian Ice from 12 Degrees! 
 Sporting our cool Captain America race shirts.
The shirts were extra fancy this year because it was the 20th Anniversary of the Air Force Marathon.
Merinda also had fun spending the weekend with her BFF's...
Veronica and Austin Holt!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Happy Birthday Merinda!

 It's hard to believe that my youngest is fifteen years old! It seems like just yesterday that I was fifteen. 
Merinda received a super nice birthday basket from her Big Sis, Brittney. 
It was packed full of Merinda's favorite snacks.
 Nikara and Lauren helping her sample the goods.
We combined the friend birthday party and family party this year since we are short three kids, and Merinda just happened to invite three friends.
   We had no problem calling them our own for a night!
 Merinda's pick for her birthday dinner was Papa John's BBQ Chicken pizza - her favorite!
Brad and I looking and feeling kind of old!
Birthday wishes from her BFF, Veronica!
 That expression about sums it up, we try to keep our kid's expectations low, that way they are never disappointed in life!

 Merinda's choice of birthday cake flavor was Strawberry cake with homemade Coconut Cream frosting...
 pretty much the same cake flavor she has requested her entire life.
 Some things never mom taking a million pictures, at the kitchen table, on the kid's birthdays.
 Merinda was a little annoyed with all the picture taking until Brad mentioned the name "Dylan O'Bryan," at which point Merinda suddenly became giddy. 
 With thoughts of Dylan still on the brain... 
she happily blew out her candles, even posing for the perfect shot.
  The cake was delicious (of course) especially with Merinda's choice of ice cream - Red Velvet ice cream with Magic Shell topping (pretty sure that stuff is toxic - but what the heck, her birthday only comes around once a year!). 
  Merinda and friends: Lindsey, Lauren, and Nikara.
 The girls practicing for their Boomerang pictures.
Still discussing poses, unfortunately, by the time I took the pictures it was dark - but they still turned out cute, even with the red eyes!