Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Races

Air force Marathon 

 Following with tradition Brad and I once again ran the Air Force half marathon  located on the Air Force base in Dayton, Ohio.
 It was a chilly but beautiful morning, which was a relief since it had rained all night.
 Every year an aircraft is featured for the race which ends up flying overhead before the race begins, and is also the t-shirt's logo for that year. This year it was the B-1 stealth bomber, which I actually got a picture of for the first time.
 We had to take this picture before the race since it is the same picture we take every year.
  A new addition to the race attractions this year.

 I was also able to get a picture of the parachuters for the first time. It's fun to watch them jump out of the plane, and then land in front of us right before the race begins.
 Since Brad and I didn't race for time this year (due to Brad being sick) I thought it would be fun to take my camera with me on the run and snap some action shots.
 From these pictures you can tell the number of people who run the race - it usually sells-out about nine months before the actual race.
 I love running on base because it is very beautiful, and flat!
 This is the last turn before heading to the finish line. The last mile of the race usually feels like five.
Here is the final stretch to the finish line. There are about a million spectators cheering you on to the finish, it's a pretty neat feeling.
The actual finish line. Unfortunately I did not get any "after" pictures of us because my camera battery died.  
 But Aubrey did take this picture of Brad and I in our cool shirts later on race day, once I recharged my battery.

Horsey 5 K

 Also, following with tradition, we, or should I say I, ran the Horsey 5 k for our little town's "Festival of the Horse". 
 Brad didn't run this year due to illness so I ran all alone for the first time in many years. Aubrey took this picture of me while directing the runners. She was one of the volunteers (who was earning service hours for Beta Club).
 This is the "after picture" of me by myself (even church members that usually run did not participate this year - it was a sad year for the Horsey 5 K). I did win first place, however! (out of only two female runners my age).
 Aubrey was a great support, and my number one (and only) fan! Thanks Aubrey!!!

September Birthdays

  Merinda turned eleven this year and if we had to pick a theme for her birthday it would simply be called "Cupcakes".
 Merinda holding up fun birthday cards from the Grandparents. For her birthday present from us Merinda got a Kindle (Merinda's only request this year was books, bout eight new books to be exact - I though a Kindle would be easier and cheaper!).
 Merinda also wanted to make her own birthday cake this year which was, yes you guessed it, a giant cupcake. She is pretty obsessed with cupcakes.
 Breck is hiding in this picture, probably for good reason since he didn't get dressed for the day (pretty tough life when your mom is picture-taking-crazy and your photos are forever aired in cyberspace).
One part of the cake I liked best was the inside, somehow Merinda made it  look like a rainbow. The coconut cream cheese frosting on top was also pretty much to die for!
 With the leftover cake mix and frosting she made, what else, cupcakes! 
Here are some more cupcakes she made with her church youth group. They are made up of fun Fall flavors and designs.
 Aubrey turned seventeen this year and for her birthday dinner she wanted to go to Fat Kats Pizza (family-owned pizza parlor here in Georgetown, KY). 

We all loved the pizza, especially Aubrey since pizza is her favorite thing in the whole world. She would have pizza breakfast, lunch, and dinner if I let her.
Aubrey just got money from us this year. Not too exciting but it's what she wanted. 
If I had to give Aubrey's birthday a theme it would definitely be called "Pizza"! In fact, I think Aubrey likes pizza more than Merinda likes cupcakes! Therefore, Merinda and I made Aubrey two cakes that look like pizzas. The meat-lover's pizza had snickers candy bars, milk duds, fruit candies, fruit leather, and white icing for the cheese, and the veggie-lover's pizza had an assortment of gum drops, fruit leather, and white icing. The "pizza sauce" was made out of homemade peanut butter frosting. 
We had to write "Happy Birthday" on the cake pan since there was no place to write it on the cakes.
I don't know which was more fun, making the cakes, or eating them!

School Time Again

The first day of school this year was Aug 7, 2012. I swear it feels like we start school earlier and earlier every year!
It will be a sad day when I can't take these pictures anymore.

I just had to take a picture of Aubrey loaded down with her school gear. The lunch, flute, and whatever else in front is actually used as a counter-weight for her backpack (which is still about 100 lbs heavier than everything else).
This is a picture of Aubrey with her fellow senior flute players. It's going to be a sad day (for the band) when these girls graduate!
Breck and his fellow saxophone players. This was the first football game of the season. Because of the heat, the kids didn't have to wear their regular band uniforms.
Aubrey is marching back and center.
In this particular song, the flutes got to dance. I thought it was great idea, and Aubrey looks as though she is actually having a good time.
This is a picture of the entire band at the Fall Concert, which takes place in Lexington at the Symphony Hall on UK campus every year, because there are too many students to fit in our high school auditorium. This year the Fall concert also included the entire Scott County High School choir as well.
Aubrey is sitting on the far right close to the stage, and Breck is sitting back center.
  The band has a pretty amazing drum-line.
Breck made it in the top band this year (with Aubrey) and is playing the both the baritone and alto saxophones. 
Aubrey is sitting next to her good friend McKenzie (who is playing the piccolo).
The girls have a good time in band together.
I especially love this picture which another parent took which her zoom lens at just the right moment.
This is a picture of the whole choir. The kids in red dispersed throughout the choir are the kids that are in both band and choir. Aubrey is one of those kids, and it makes for a pretty busy schedule!
Here is a close-up of Aubrey in the same picture. This year's theme was a patriotic one, and it just gave me goosebumps when the choir was singing "Battle Hymn of the Republic" with the band accompanying them.
  I love this picture of all the band and choir directors holding hands to take a bow. It always amazes me how well the directors of our huge band and huge choir get along, and work together and around each other's schedules. What a great example they are to the students of what it means to work together for the betterment of the school instead of just focusing on their auxiliaries' own selfish goals and desires. To me, the band and choir are the glue that holds the student body together!
Since Brad was out of the country during the concert, with our extra ticket Aubrey invited Truett (the girl's piano teacher and used to be neighbor) to watch the concert. 
Every year we get a few more kids from our church ward participating in the high school band and choirs. Currently, Aubrey is the only one in both band and choir.
The kids all get along so well, and have a good time together.
I love this picture, especially of Lacy (in the middle with the great expression on her face). You would have to know quiet, docile Lacy to appreciate it.
Again, showing their true personalities.
Breck and Aubrey with our good friends' Christina and Wesley Holt.
They all could be siblings (meow).
Here, everyone from the ward is enjoying visiting with one another.
Our Bishop and his daughter Joy. It's a great picture but would of been better had I not cut off the Bishop's head!
Breck is trying to look like Mr. Cool.
Ahhh, that's better. The case the kids are holding is Breck's alto saxophone, and the case they are sitting on is Breck's baritone saxophone (the "bari sax" is pretty huge).
And these are our future band and choir members.