Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Randomness. . .

The thing that came to my mind as I viewed my pictures at the start of 2011 is the randomness (I know this is probably not a word) of the pictures and subject matter. Now, I have seen this kind of picture before a big concert or game, but never in my life have I seen people camping out for the opening of a restaurant, and a fast food restaurant at that! First of all, I say to myself, "only in Kentucky" and then I think, "what has this world come to?"
Brittney and her friend Kate might not appreciate this picture being placed here for everyone to see since this was their "secret agent disguise" when they delivered goodies undercover to several families at church. I hope I haven't blown their cover too much, it's just such a great picture to go along with such a great random act of kindness.
Aubrey threw a surprise party for one of her friends and made these little cow cupcakes, her other friend said she would provide the pasture which, as you can see, included a wooden box covered in red construction paper representing the barn, and cotton balls taped to green page protectors representing bails of hay and grass--totally random, but so cute!
Several years ago this might have been a random sight, but not for the last few years--beautiful roses from my husband on Valentine's Day (I love my husband!!!).
O.K. Merinda getting fifth place on the Language Arts written test at the District Academic Team competition is not so random (her team came in second place), but I needed to get this picture on the blog anyway--way to go Merinda, we're proud of you!
Here, Merinda is looking at her scrap book with Grandpa's new wife, Virginia. The random (and beautiful) part: having a new Grandmother, two new Aunts, and five new Cousins, all sealed to us! (I think Grandpa needs a bigger couch to nap on!).
We all LOVE Virginia, and had a wonderful time getting to know her better!!!