Sunday, December 20, 2015

Christmas Fun with Coworkers

 If it wasn't for the two medical offices I work at, Christmas may have come and gone without me noticing, this year. 
Our first party was lunch out at a new Italian restaurant, with the employees from Bluegrass Business Health. 
The food was very good, but the company was even better!
Mary, our office manager, had fun playing Santa.
Everyone enjoyed their goodie bags...
but the guys especially enjoyed their candy light sabers!  
The next super fun party was at Mary's house. 
Everyone had a joyous time...
eating the most amazing food which everyone contributed,
laughing and joking, 
and exchanging white elephant gifts.
Some of the gifts were so awesome that threats were being made if taken away.
Linda describing her perfect gift.
Holly's face says it all, when Cheryl took her gift away,
but Holly was vindicated when she was able to steal her gift back.
 We all had a fantastic time, and I want to thank Mary for the best party ever!!!
 The final party was a murder mystery, catered dinner, and gift exchange for the employees at Georgetown Internal Medicine.
The table center piece was quite appropriate for the theme of the party.
 Joanne's character was called "Candy Cane" for everything Christmas. And she received the best costume award. 
 Patty, the office manager did a great job a great job arranging everything.
 Dr. Birdwhistell made the perfect Santa Clause, and Beth the perfect Mrs. Clause (she has the blue hair).
 Everyone kept busy trying to figure out "who done it".
 Dr. Lyon was a perfect "Rick Claus". 
 I was Snowbell the ice queen, and Linda a diva elf.
 It was very entertaining (especially the characters and costumes), and I'm excited to see what Patty comes up with next year!

Saturday, December 19, 2015

December Events

 The first event in December was Merinda's Christmas band concert.
 All of the bands did a great job, and got everyone in the Christmas spirit.
The next event was Brad's birthday.
 Rarely does it reach 68 degrees mid-December...
 so Brad and I celebrated his birthday with a stroll through the UK Arboretum. 
 Brad with his German Chocolate cake - his favorite. Just one more year until the big 50!
 Since we're down to a family of three, the family birthday picture is a selfie.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Saying Goodbye...Again

The evening before the kids left on their missions, we ate out one last time.
 We felt it appropriate to have pizza, since it might be sometime before Aubrey has American pizza again.
 Both kids flew out of the Lexington Airport, about an hour apart, on December 2, 2015. They both flew to Atlanta, Georgia and then Breck would fly to the Salt Lake City Airport, and take a shuttle to the Provo, MTC. 
We were a little nervous sending Aubrey since she would be flying to Atlanta, then to Monterrey, Mexico, where she would have to go through customs, get her luggage, catch her flight to Mexico City, and then take a bus to the Mexico City MTC. 
Breck was on flight number 2501, and Aubrey on flight number 1093. Even though Brad made reservations for Breck's shuttle, there was no record of it. Luckily, Breck was prepared with some cash, and made reservations for the next available shuttle, which wouldn't be for several hours (just good practice for when he flies to Argentina). And Aubrey made it safe and sound (thanks to her high school Spanish skills).

Brittney said her goodbye's early, since she had to fly back to BYU-I to finish off the Semester.

Hugs and goodbye's 
for Breck first...

and then Aubrey, just a few minuets later.
Brad giving Aubrey some final instructions and advice on changing planes in Mexico.
And then they were gone! Having a child leave on a mission evokes a lot of mixed feelings. Having two kids leave the same time, doubles those feelings. This is what you prepare them for their entire lives, and you're proud that they worked so hard to get there. But it tears at your heart-strings knowing that you are not going to see them for eighteen months and two years - which seems like an eternity. So all you can do is put your faith in the Lord that everything will be okay, and that He will provide.