Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Thanksgiving at Home

 We had a great Thanksgiving with our friends the Holts. (Sorry about the sideways picture--my computer wouldn't let me flip it).
 I know Brad had a good time just relaxing (other than smoking/slow-cooking the meat for two days in the Traeger), and entertaining everyone with his stories.
 After dinner we went over to the Holt's house for dessert, more visiting, and games.
 The girls--Merinda, Lauren, Rainy, and Christina
It was fun just chillin with friends,  
   and playing our favorite game--the name game.
Only this time we mixed the game up with one-word clues and charades. Breck's team definitely had the advantage since he came up with the majority of the names (we will come up with our own next time!).
We want to thank the Holts and Allens once again for good food, good company, and good fun!!!

Football, Marching Band, & Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I wanted to get a picture of Breck leading the band in his nice suit, 
but I didn't realize how much I would enjoy taking pictures of all the pink for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
I can't remember what color the Cardinal's socks are usually, 
but the pink was a very nice touch. 
Even the apposing team got in the spirit of things with not only pink socks (argyle no less!)
 but pink arm warmers, leg warmers, towels,
and check out the pink cleats!
And how about the other team's cheerleaders, 
all our cheerleaders had was a pink bow in their hair,
but our dance team came through by forming a cool breast cancer bow with their pom-poms at the end of their dance.
Even the goal post was decked-out in pink. I kind of liked the hints of pink everywhere, if only it could be Breast Cancer Awareness every month. 
O.k. back to the marching band (which is the real reason I go to all the football games). Here, Breck is in center field with the two other drum majors as the band lines up on opposite sides of the field getting into marching position.
Breck leading one of the last songs towards the end of the half-time show.
For the marching band concert, I am not sure if Breck is leading or dancing, but he is having a good time whatever it is.