Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brittney Goes to College

Before dropping Brittney off at BYU-Idaho, we had to keep her hostage long enough to visit all of mine and Brad's family who live in Utah and Idaho.

Brittney with her girl cousins on the Heelis's side.
After church in Grandma Heelis and Aunt Sasha's backyard.
Brittney's uncles enjoying an intense BYU Football game.
The newest additions to the Heelis clan: Talmage Heelis and Dante Pavia. Born  two days apart.
The Heelis family. Note that Brittney is the only one with her eyes closed.
Visiting Grandpa Heelis's grave-site in Lindon, Utah.
Visiting Grandma Manwaring's grave-site in Bear River City, Utah.
Now for the Manwaring side. Brittney with her Aunt kim (and her eyes are still closed!).
Fun times with Brad's aunts, uncles, and cousins.
Brittney (are those eyes closed?) with her dad, uncle Blake, and cousin Emily.

Enjoying a BBQ at Aunt Becky's house.
Finally making it to BYU-Idaho and eating out with our good friends, the Massey's, from Saint Louis, MO.
Brittney's with her new college roommate, Kali, who she shares a room with.
Saying one last "goodbye" in front of Brittney's Dorm.
I never thought I would see the day that I would be dropping off one of my own at the exact place I lived over twenty-two years ago. Brittney has prepared herself in every way to begin this new chapter in her life, and Brad and I could not be more proud, and happy for her to finally have this opportunity to spread her wings and fly. We love you Brittney!
--Mom & Dad

More Birthday Fun

Merinda turned 10 years old at the beginning of September.
Her only request was some new reading material.
This is our last picture of Brittney before she flew out to Utah. Sadly she left on Merinda's Birthday.
Brittney gave Merinda a teddy bear to remember her by.
Brad was feeling a little left out. . .
And needed a hug from his youngest daughter.
Merinda and I had fun eating all the black icing off the cake!

School Time Again

You are never too old to have your picture taken the first day of school!
With the start of school comes football games and the marching band.
Since Breck is a Freshman, this is his first year of marching band. The nice part for me is that he marches only a few feet away from Aubrey, so I can take both of the kid's pictures at one time (Breck is on the far left of the picture playing the Saxophone, and Aubrey is on the far right playing the flute).
The band's serious done stance (Aubrey's on the left in this picture and Breck's on the right).

Even though school had begun, we had to fit in just one more day at our favorite Kentucky beach!

July Highlights

We Celebrated Brittney's 18th birthday the middle of July. Breck wanted to make her cake this year because he is a big fan of Cake Boss. He was a little disappointed with how the cake turned out (especially after all the time and effort he put into it). He thought it looked more like an airplane bunker than a representation of Brittney flying off to college in Idaho from Kentucky. We thought he did a great job. . .
And besides, it's the taste that really matters anyway and it was delicious!!!
Since it's Brittney's job to mop the floors, we though she would be thrilled to get a new Swiffer Wet-Jet (our old one broke) for her main gift. The funny thing is, she thought we were serious!
She was relieved to find out her real gift was a straitening iron she could take to college (instead of borrowing her sister's).
It was a little bitter-sweet knowing this would be Brittney's last birthday before going off to college.
Also in July we enjoyed visiting our good friends the Wrights in Nashville, on one of Brad's many road-trips down South.
Good food, good friends, and good fun! That's what our summer was all about.