Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Girl's Camp

 Merinda had a great time this year at Girl's Camp as a Youth Camp Leader (YCL). Her YCL group was over all of the First Year campers. Above is a picture of the YCL's over First Year, and the First Year girls. 
 All ready to check in the First Year girls!
 Putting up about 40 cots in the "Black Hole", or the cabin where Merinda slept with the First Year's.
Merinda, and a First Year she took care of, in front of the Black Hole.
 The girls had fun swimming with President Jenkins, on the Stake President's day to visit camp. 
The YCL's also got to be the victims for First Aid certification. 
Liz sporting an awesome arm wound! 
 Merinda was passed out from "Heat Stroke". But everyone was so used to seeing her asleep, they just left her alone thinking this was probably normal.
 Even though I didn't go camp for the whole week, I still enjoyed driving the girls up on Monday, and then spending Friday with them for Bishop's night.
 On our way to camp, we pick up some Papa John's pizza for dinner.
 The girls made dutch oven cobbler for dessert.
 As much as I love dutch oven cobbler, I decided to skip dessert this year.
 Brad giving his devotional.
 The Georgetown Ward girls and leaders.
 The Bishop's "Hall of Shame"! I don't really get it, but every year the Bishop's are publicly humiliated as a form of entertainment for the girls. 
 It usually includes eating or drinking disgusting foods as fast as possible, but luckily the Bishop's got off easy this year and only had to be subject to the Tape Game.
Brad's handsome photograph after having tape being strategically placed on his face whenever he was unable to answer a question quick enough. Just another perk of being a Bishop!

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